3 Profitable Online Business Ideas To Start In 2021

I’ll be showing you three of the best online business to start in 2021 for beginners that will help you create a new income source. These ideas has the potential to earn over $1000 a day if put enough hard work into it.

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The first idea is Website Flipping. Flipping websites can make you 24-36x of your monthly earnings. For example, you have a website that makes $1000 a month. You can sell it for $24000-36000. There are even websites selling for over a million dollars and even a few million dollars. There is a lot of demand for websites.

Second idea is to become a Funnel Designer. We will be building funnels for Clickfunnels. Funnels can be very expensive depending on complexity. A single sales funnels can sell for a few hundred dollars for a single page up to thousands of dollars and it can go higher. Your customer range is big. You can sell to people who are already on clickfunnels. But I’ve also seen people selling funnels to people who are not using Clickfunnels.

Third idea is to become an eToro Popular Investor. All you have to do is let other people copy your investment or trades. Be it stocks/ forex/ cryptos. But the most popular choice would be stocks. If you are already an investor, this can be really an additional source of income for you. If you are new, this path might take a little longer compared to the first two methods since you need time to learn and apply it to the stock market.

Website Flipping :

Funnel Designing:
One Funnel Away : https://www.onefunnelaway.com/challenge?cf_affiliate_id=2012061&affiliate_id=2012061
Trilogy Books ( Will be given option to get 3 books after ordering ) : https://www.dotcomsecrets.com?cf_affiliate_id=2012061&affiliate_id=2012061

eToro Copytrading :

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