Bitcoin touches $40k and sticks close to $39k even after the news of Amazon was debunked. Meanwhile, the 3rd largest e-commerce player in the world, Shopify, launches NFT support with Flow. What does this mean for NFTs and the price action in the larger crypto markets? Further, are there any good deals out there right now in cryptoland. Elliot digs in to explore all this and more.

0:00 – 1:37 Introduction
1:38 – 3:17 Amazon Rumors
3:18 – 4:21 Price Action
4:22 – 5:27 Attractive Picks
5:28 – 6:10 Shopify NFT Support
6:11 – 6:37 Bitcoin Price Action
6:38 – 6:58 Splinterlands NFT
6:59 – 7:34 MasterCard Accelerator
7:35 – 8:00 Gary Vee NFT Podcast
8:01 – 9:33 AstroFrens & NFTs
9:34 – 10:19 Conclusion

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