Bitcoin Fees: What are RBF and CPFP? What to do if my bitcoin transaction gets stuck?!?

What can you do if your bitcoin transaction is stuck? There are two technical options your bitcoin wallet might give you to deal with stuck bitcoin transactions, these are replace by fee and child pays for parent. In this video, Andreas explains what these things are and how to use them.

0:00 Can you explain the difference between replace by fee and child pays parent? What are the use cases?
0:48 What is the replace by fee (RBF) feature on some bitcoin wallets?
1:54 RBF is something the sender of a transaction does
2:52 What is child pays for parent?
3:02 CPFP is something the sender or recipient or sometimes by any third party can do to get a stuck transaction confirmed. How does it work?
4:08 What is a chained transaction?
4:30 Understanding mining incentives and fee per byte
5:54 Use case
7:00 Difference between replace by fee (RBF) and child pays for parent (CPFP)
7:45 Lightning network use case

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