Welcome to what we call the MAX PAIN THEORY. This is EXACTLY how we are going to trade it, step by step!

DIAMONDS AND GEMS: 5 new altcoins we have our eyes on WITH ENTRIES!

I called it on the show yesterday and it became a reality 24 hours later – is Defi about to have an early summer?

A race to the top has kicked off and it’s getting messy, but more importantly, who is going to WIN?

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0:00 Introduction
7:15 Why are the prices being manipulated
10:10 Max pain theory
14:15 Battle for Bitcoin
20:30 BTC chart analsis w/lee
29:00 Warning signs
30:00 China market goes down
33:45 Market effect tokens-short review
37:30 The ADA chart
42:00 The EGLD chart
43:50 The VeChain chart
46:30 TVK
49:20 Why is no one aping into ETH
54:00 Persistence