Building On Cardano: December Cardano360 Community Update

Matthew from the IOG community team has been busy talking to just a few of the projects preparing for launch on Cardano. If you are a project #BuildingOnCardano and would like to be featured in a future edition of #Cardano360 please contact Ben O’Hanlon via Twitter @benohanlon & fill up this form:

Community projects featured:

SundaeSwap:, @SundaeSwap
Charli3:, @Oraclecharli3
Genius Yield:, @GeniusyieldO
Stableshift ​​@IgorStruchkov
Artano:, @artano__io
Cardax:, @CardaxDEX
Vyfinance:, @VyFiOfficial

If you are building on Cardano, be sure to check out the Essential Cardano repo:

And check out this amazing community website that provides an overview of all projects and DApps building on Cardano:

Timestamped questions:
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:29 Tell us a bit about your project: what is its name, mission & how do you differentiate from other projects in your niche?
00:05:38 What are the advantages of building on Cardano?
00:10:19 What stage are you at in bringing your project to the Cardano ecosystem?
00:15:26 After the launch, what is the next critical step in your development?
00:19:54 How do you see your project’s niche developing on Cardano and in the wider industry, both now and in the longer term and what problems do you feel that your project is uniquely positioned to address within that niche?

Remember: Cardano is a decentralized platform. Project inclusion in this video is not endorsement or recommendation and is provided for informational purposes only. Always Do Your Own Research.