Cardano ADA Master Class For Newbies

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00:22 Post Intro
4:14 Binance and
4:46 = Fiat Onramp
5:33 = Still No ADA
6:50 Crypto Security
9:12 Daedalus Wallet for ADA
10:10 My History With Cardano
11:52 Bitcoin Came First
14:13 Bitcoin Halving
17:12 Market Cycle Psychology
22:36 Proof Of Work vs Proof Of Stake
24:22 Staking Cardano
26:32 ADA Staking Rewards Calculator:
28:22 Smart Contract Use Cases
33:00 Why Cardano ADA?
37:31 When Is The Market Peak Coming?
39:36 Pi Cycle Top Indicator
43:03 Ignore The Crazy ClickBait Moonbois
43:09 ETH 2017 vs ADA Today Comparison
47:45 Final Notes

The latest Cardano Price Predictions, ADA News and Updates and more. Cryptocurrency news, straight up without the fluff. Changing your financial well being tomorrow, begins today.
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I started my Youtube Channel, Crypto Crow, in November of 2017. I am not a licensed financial advisor or tax specialist of any kind. I’m just some guy on the interwebs that spends
more time than he likely should researching the blockchain market and technology so you don’t have to do as much. I discovered Cardano (ADA) back in December of 2017 and bought
my first bag of 15,000 tokens at just .13 cents and have accumulated ever since. Charles Hoskinson has been an exciting CEO to watch as he spearheads the development of the
blockchain that is most likely going to change the world.

I’m a crypto bull in every sense and I love projects such as Bitcoin (BTC), PolkaDot (DOT), Utrust (UTK), Celsius Network (CEL), DIVI Token (DIVI) and others, as well as Cardano.
Cryptocurrency isn’t a zero sum game, but the race is on to decide who will overtake the rest in functionality, low transaction fees, interoperability, use case and more. Ethereum (ETH)
will always be around, but with his crazy high fees, slow confirmations and the lack of functionality soon to be filled by Cardano, I don’t see it remaining at the top 5 for long.

I am and have always been a straight shooter. Often emotional and I tend to ramble or rant on live streams, but I call it how I see it. I’m no genius, nor am I a prophet, but I tend
to have a pretty good idea about what I’m talking about, or I don’t talk about it. I’m also not always right in my predictions as anything can and will happen in the cryptocurrency

Outside of crypto, I enjoy playing video games, painting miniatures (I paint so I dont choke people), and coming up with new business start up ideas to learn from.
I’m married and have so many kids I don’t know all of their names, but I’m hoping blockchain tech can help me keep all that straight. I don’t even know when holidays are until my wife
tells me we have to go somewhere a half hour before we leave.

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