Is it too late? The biggest question in a raging bull market gets answered on the show, today!

There is a competitor to Bitcoin and the biggest companies in the world have just gone full bull on it!

We told you Cardano was exploding with the recent upgrade, but our price target for the next rally will knock you off your feet!

A once in a lifetime exclusive Ethernity NFT giveaway on the show today, from one the biggest NFT artists in the world – LIVE!

The hottest NFT project in crypto – Ethernity – joins us LIVE to talk the biggest mania in crypto since 2017!!

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0:00 Introduction
2:10 NFT’s-our new careers
6:30 The money supply chart
10:00 Undervalued alt coins
10:15 Chainlink
15:45 Cardano
20:00 CryptoMichNL is joining
20:35 Litecoin or Cardano
25:50 Celer network
26:50 Swipe
31:45 Ethernity
47:45 Prestigious picks w/Coach K
48:00 Cellframe
56:40 UnMarshal