Ethbox: NEVER send a wrong transaction again!

Ethbox ( solving the biggest problem facing cryptocurrency users – wrong transactions. Send funds to an incorrect address and your cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are gone forever. With the support of DuckDAO, Ethbox has come up with a unique solution to this problem- by using a smart contract-based digital escrow service. But aside from protecting users against mistaken transactions, Ethbox also provides a revolutionary new privacy feature, so that both the sender and recipient can be made anonymous. This means that funds can be discreetly sent without outsiders checking blockchain addresses and tracing their whereabouts.

We interviewed Lukas Prashner, Lukas Schiefer, and Paul Simode, Co-founders of Ethbox to learn more about Ethbox and some exciting happenings that we can expect coming soon.

Ethbox is launch on

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I have chosen to be an advisor to Ethbox to help them grow their product – especially when it comes to adding new features and capabilities.

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