Fireside Chat 2021

Eva and Fred answer a series of questions that came directly from our Reddit users. They cover some of the biggest challenges, upcoming plans, latest developments and much more.

0:00 Intro
0:53 Fraud Prevention
3:18 Malicious SPOs
5:24 Merch Store
7:21 Employees Leaving
11:16 Fortune 500 Companies
15:38 Cardano & the Financial Industry
23:10 Tribal Nature of Crypto
25:45 Cardano Foundation’s Role & Initiatives
32:42 Plans for Lower-income Individuals in the US
35:27 Governance Model & Community Integration
39:28 Real-world Demand for Cardano
43:10 Popularised for Wider Adoption
45:50 Cardano’s Weakest Link
47:32 Crypto Explained in One Paragraph