Goguen Alonzo Development Update – 11 June 2021

Welcome to our series of fortnightly technical development updates. Every two weeks we chart the Cardano Goguen rollout, and the road to the Alonzo hard fork and smart contracts on Cardano.

Nigel and Dimitris from our Delivery team will be bringing you the latest Alonzo updates as we deploy, test and integrate new functionalities on our development testnets.

We’re now firmly in Alonzo Blue, with a small group of SPOs running the network – joined by early pioneer helpers – and Plutus smart contract scripts running successfully. It’s early days but looking good so far.

Goguen is a complex, multi-layered project that delivers utility functionalities on Cardano from metadata, native tokens and now, smart contracts. There are multiple teams contributing to its ongoing development and rollout. And we hope these updates will give you a birds-eye view of all the work that is going on with the technical delivery plan.

To watch Alex’s (NASEC stake pool) video in full: