How Much I Made From eToro Copy Trading After 70 Days

This video will show you how much I made from eToro Copy Trading after 70 days. I’ll show you why I went into a loss, why I decided to sell everything and give all the money to just one investor , and how much I actually made throughout the three months.

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0:00 Introduction
0:58 The Market Correction
2:23 My Crazy Idea
2:51 Point 1 : Rate of Return
3:56 Point 2: Number of Trades
6:08 eToro Copy Trading Results

One day in March, I woke up, turned on my computer and noticed that there was a drop in profits. The market was in a correction. The US government had just announced increasing bond yields. People panicked and started pulling money out of the stock market. My profits were wiped. I decided to reoptimize my portfolio.

Then I had a crazy idea, why not put all the money on eToro into copy trading a single one person? Before that I did some research and what I found out was quite interesting.

Point Number 1- Rate of return
Every month eToro actually emails me a popular investor fact sheet. It had a lot of information on how our Popular Investor has performed. When I looked at how much the yearly average returns that she was making, it was quite high at 19.83%. She was also beating the market by performing better than the S&P 500. I even compared her returns to Warren Buffett and her returns were better.

Point Number 2- Number of Trades
Instead of just letting the unrealized profit float and get wiped away when the market corrects. Using this method, I would have already taken some profit. This was the reason that she was the best performer out of all my other people and stocks on my list during the last market correction.

But why did i want to sell everything else? To be honest, copying a single person is already considered diversification. They are already buying a lot of different assets. But the main reason I wanted to do this was because this was my passive income portfolio and I didn’t want to manage too many things.

In the last part, I’ll share how much I made with eToro copy trading despite the “mistake” I made. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the returns so far. I will probably post an update in the near future.

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