Is the Bitcoin Bull Run Over? According to This… ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Is the Bitcoin Bull Run Over? According to This… ABSOLUTELY NOT!


00:00 Intro & Meme Triangle
02:02 Institutional FOMO
03:08 Goldman Sachs
03:40 Macro Economics
04:30 Significant Investment
05:26 When Sell?
07:02 Environmental Disaster
09:10 Celcius Network

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but we have a triangle forming on Bitcoin right now. What does this mean? Likely a continuation within this shape, followed by a violent move either up or down. But which will it be? Knowing Bitcoin, likely one direction first as a gotcha moment to shake out a bunch of traders, followed by the move in the opposite direction, because ya know, it’s Bitcoin. When will this happen? Possibly within the week. Eyes will need to be on the DXY and global economy too. But today we will discuss some important reasons why long term, despite the short term volatility and without needing to read more TA tea leaves here, we have good reason to believe that this bull market is far from over. We’re seeing real FOMO buying going on right now, bullish on chain activity, bullish macro economic environment and I just want to share some thoughts I have about a recent viral article comparing Bitcoin to a natural disaster in energy expenditure.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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