Official Cowards, Financial Scatology & Precursors to Hyperinflation (SOB 468)

SOB #468 – Official Cowards, Financial Scatology & Precursors to Hyperinflation

On today’s episode of Speaking of Bitcoin, join hosts Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Adam B. Levine, Jonathan Mohan and Stephanie Murphy as they dive into the growing topic of inflation. Our modern world is increasingly divided; The currently dominant narrative asserts that Modern Monetary Theory (MMT, or “Financial Scatology” as Jonathan likes to call it) is a free ticket to a better tomorrow… On the other hand, there are those who believe that money is just one of many measurements of reality. And increasingly those metrics have been corrupted to keep the party going and avoid at all costs blame falling on those responsible. In this episode, the hosts dig in deep for a sobering yet real conversation about what’s going on and where all of this is headed.

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Image credit: celynkang13 and @christopher__burns via Unsplash, modified by Speaking of Bitcoin