Project Catalyst – Weekly Town Hall

Join Daniel Ribar (Community Manager) and the rest of the community for our weekly Catalyst update.

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00:00:00 Welcome to Project Catalyst Fund 6 Town Hall #9
00:04:39 Catalyst team new member TK Princewill – Community Manager
00:08:23 Cohort presentation by Nebiyu Sultan – Fund 5 – Cardano Student Clubs in Ethiopia
00:18:02 Cohort presentation by Kenric Nelson – Fund 4 – Diversifying Voting Influence
00:35:23 Cohort presentation by Rob Greig- Fund 3 Cohort – Visual Studio Smart Contract Plugin
00:46:12 Catalyst Boost Camp
00:48:50 Fund6 innovation phase
00:51:51 Fund7 innovation phase
00:52:24 Catalyst Circle Update
00:57:40 Join Open Space