Project Catalyst – Weekly Town Hall – Fund7 #3

Join Daniel Ribar (Community Manager), Kriss Baird (Product Owner) and the rest of the community for the third town hall of Fund7.

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00:00:00 Welcome to Project Catalyst Fund 7Town Hall #3
00:03:09 Final Call: Deadline to submit DRAFT proposals is November 25th at 11AM UTC
00:06:44 Cohort presentation: THE GREAT FILTER
00:19:25 Cohort presentation: NFTDAO
00:25:15 Cohort presentation: Typhon
00:30:15 Welcome Fund7 Proposers!
00:31:21 Fund7 innovation phase
00:34:11 Proposer checklist & self assessment
00:36:50 How to refine proposals
00:46:06 Catalyst School
00:50:12 IdeaFest Fund7
00:56:00 Catalyst circle update
01:02:02 Feedback challenge
01:05:59 Open space with catalyst Swarm