THIS IS HUGE! The World Cannot Deny Bitcoin Now! (GameStop vs Wall Street)

THIS IS HUGE! The World Cannot Deny Bitcoin Now! (GameStop vs Wall Street)


This week the masses learned again that the financial world is rigged against them. Cartels openly conspired together even to break the law to protect their own interests at the expense of retail investors, rather than to take a very deserving loss over their aggressive and greedy positions.

All of which has beautifully culminated into the ultimate advertisement for why the world needs Bitcoin, Mr. Beast and even Elon Musk, now hashtaging it on their twitter profiles as a badge of honour. Never before has it become this apparent, and while what I’m about to get into is a huge topic to comprehend, I will hopefully explain it in a way that will be simple to grasp.
Step 1, this all started with amazing fundamental analysis. I think a lot of people misunderstand this. There was a genuine gold mine of an opportunity with Gamestop stock that took the eagle eye of a retail investor posting it again and again to wall street bets subreddit the contents of which would have put most suit analyst skills to shame.

The company wasn’t on the brink of failure, they had a decent cash flow and reserve, but the stock was trading unusually low relative to earnings because a large institution was manipulating it down for their gain via naked short selling. This buy GME movement was not a pump and dump scheme, at least not on the retail side. It was a calculated move. The plan was to dump on institutions, who could not exit their shorts without buying the stock first, which was in short supply so they’d push it to the moon. Same thing happened in 2010 with the silver market, until they broke the law to stop it.

Step 2, give people a cause. This speaks so true to me. I am here today filming this video because of what I saw happen in 2008. I learned about Bitcoin for the first time early 2017 and I immediately took a week off work to study it all day everyday. It light a fire in me because I understood it’s importance, it inspired me almost like nothing else in my life before it, and I started a YouTube channel to share my enthusiasm and to tell others about this amazing thing.

Step 3, empower people to act. The internet has given rise to decentralized communities. Wall street bets can seem like a cult of weirdos in their own corner of the internet, but it’s freely available for anyone to join. It is a representation of what some people want to do. Financial institutions hate this development. They would rather you rely on them to be told what to invest in and charge you fees, but the world is changing.

So these 3 things combined created a shooting upward stock price for GME. The fact that Gamestop wasn’t considered a good long term bet turns this into a really big meme, which is amazing marketing actually, because if there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s something funny…

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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