Top Up and Coming Alt Coin Gems

When we first come into the crypto space, we don’t even realize how much there is to learn. We often start chasing around what is pumping, sometimes we then lose huge, sell and leave. But the real smart ones start identifying how to figure out which projects have much better than average chances of doing really well. We also start learning how to time those purchases so we can do better than average. That atleast has been my own learning curve, but I am probably not alone in this.
Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on some that have great potential, and I think will do really well, which is why I have my eyes on them closely and and either I have invested or plan to invest into each of these myself.

Intersola, Solminter, SolBank, Monsoon Finance, Umbrella, Poco Land, Monsta Infinite, Cornucopias, LitCraft Nysperience, Polygen

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I am constantly looking for where I am going to take profits during this bull run and what I am going to roll them into. Aubit and a few others are my candidates I am looking at the strongest. As we get closer, I will cover this more in depth.

If you are a project team member and are interested in speaking further, it is best to DM my business manager on Twitter @jsizzzle6. We are very picky about what I discuss, so expect us to ask a lot of questions so we can understand the project at a deep level to find out if it is one we would like to cover. If you are from a project I have already covered, I am clearly already interested in your project, so please reach out to me so I can further discuss the deeper things going on with your project. Thank you.

Though it may still be over a year away, a bear market follows a bull market, and it is possible that many of us make incredible gains during this bull market. What will we be doing with our time, attention, and money when that happens? I’m still looking at what may be best out there, but in my humble opinion, stocks are at the top of a bubble, real estate at the top of a bubble. I’m not sure. I may just hold a crypto version of USD in Celsius and/or Blockfi. I will know better though as we get closer to that time.

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Remember, these are just my thoughts that are driving my own decisions. You are responsible for your decisions and to be clear, I AM NOT a financial advisor and therefore, make all the decisions completely for yourself with the help of your financial advisor.

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