What’s Next For Cardano After The Coinbase Listing!

Yesterday I done a live stream to watch the launch of Cardano on coinbase pro and it was incredible to have 6300 people live for the event. Unfortunately the markets didn’t provide the ADA pumps that many wanted or even expected which immediately turned some people to saying Cardano is a scam.

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Even though Cardano is up 640% since January 1st this year I still think it is only getting started. You always need to zoom out in the markets and big pull backs are part of a healthy market.

Next week during the Cardano 360 event we are hoping to get a tentative date for the final Gougen launch which is the Alonzo hard fork that will bring smart contracts to Cardano. This will be an absolutely massive moment for the project when they go live

** Timestamps **
0:00 Intro
1:43 Cardano Coinmarketcap
2:04 ADA up 640% Since Jan 1st
2:34 ADAUSD Price Updates
6:19 ADABTC Price Updates
7:20 Smart Contract Dates
8:08 Cardano Alonzo Hard fork
9:15 Cardano Staking FAQ
9:48 Summary of Cardano After Coinbase

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